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Development Plan Process

Development Plan Scheme (including Participation Statement)

A Development Plan Scheme sets out proposals and a timetable for preparing and reviewing the Strategic Development Plan. The Participation Statement states when, how and with whom the SDPA will consult on the SDP and the SDPA’s proposals for public involvement in the SDP preparation process. The Development Plan Scheme is reviewed at least once every year, usually March.

Monitoring Statement

The Monitoring Report, published alongside the Main Issues Report considers the changes in the physical, economic, social and environmental characteristics of the SDP area and the impact of the policies and proposals of the existing strategic plan.

Main Issues Report

The Main Issues Report sets out the SDPA’s general proposals for development in the area, in particular as to where development should and should not occur. It should also contain one or more reasonable alternative sets of proposals.

Proposed Plan

The Proposed Plan sets out the SDPA’s view as to the final content of the SDP in terms of its vision and related land use development strategy.

Action Programme

The Action Programme sets out how the SDPA proposes to implement the SDP and set outs a list of actions required to deliver each of the plan's policies and proposals; the name of the person/organisation who is to carry out the action; and the timescale for carrying out each action.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

SEA is the assessment of the likely effects that the Proposed Plan will have on the environment if implemented. The findings of the assessment are outlined in an Environmental Report and a public consultation on the SDP and the report is carried out before the SDP can be adopted. When carried out early in the plan’s preparation, the information gained during the assessment has the potential to influence the plan’s development as alternative options of delivery, if available, are also considered and assessed.


The Examination is the principal means of independently testing the issues arising from representations on the Proposed Plan. The examination may comprise a range of methods including written submissions, hearings and inquiry sessions. Organised on behalf of Scottish Ministers by the Directorate for Planning and Environmental

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