SDP Approval Letter


Proposed Plan January 2016


The Proposed Plan is an important stage in replacing the current Strategic Development Plan, which was approved by Scottish Ministers in May 2012, and now is your opportunity to get involved and influence how the city region should develop over the next 20 years.

Strategic Development Plans are intended to be ‘concise and visionary’ documents which set out a clear vision and spatial strategy for their area. SDPs focus on the key land use and development issues that cross the planning authority boundaries. 

The policy context for SDPs is set out in Scottish Government’s National Planning Framework 3 ( and Scottish Planning Policy (

The Proposed Plan is based around the four planning outcomes contained in National Planning Framework 3 namely, a Successful and Sustainable Place, a Low Carbon Place, a Natural, Resilient Place, and a Connected Place.

The Proposed Plan and related documents can be viewed here.

The six week consultation period during which Representations to the Proposed Plan may be made is from Monday 18th January until 5pm on Monday 29th February 2016. Representations received after this date unfortunately will not be accepted.

If you intend to submit a Representation you should do so using this form. A separate form should be completed for each issue you wish to raise. You may raise as many issues as you wish.

In line with Scottish Government advice, the detail of each issue should be expressed in a concise way (no more than 2,000 words). A concise summary of the issue is also required (up to a maximum of 400 words), together with the change to the Proposed Plan that is sought. Any supporting documentation should be referenced in the form and submitted along with the form.

There is no automatic opportunity to expand on the representations later in the process.


Representations must be submitted to:

Lower Ground Floor
125 West Regent Street
G2 2SA

Or via email to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Proposed Plan has been deposited at every public library in the Glasgow and the Clyde Valley area and is available at the Clydeplan office and the planning offices of the Councils of East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire.