SDP Approval Letter


SDP2 - Early Engagement Consultation

The SDP2 Early Engagement Consultation is now closed
Clydeplan is starting to consider the issues which it should address as part of the review of the Glasgow and the Clyde Valley Strategic Development Plan (SDP) which was approved by Scottish Ministers in May 2012.
As part of this review process Clydeplan is very keen to hear your views on what you consider are the important issues and challenges that SDP2 should address. This process will help inform the SDP2 Main Issues Report which is due of publication in January 2015.
SDP’s are intended to be ‘concise and visionary’ documents which set out a clear vision and spatial strategy for their area. SDP’s focus on the key land use and development issues that cross the planning authority boundaries. 
The policy context for SDP’s is set out in the Scottish Government’s National Planning Framework ( and Scottish Planning Policy (
SDP’s considers matters such as land for housing, as well as major economic uses, the protection of environmental assets and the provision of important infrastructure such as transport, waste, water and energy can also be covered, as are the promotion of green belts and networks. 
This early engagement consultation is based about the four themes contained in the Draft National Planning Framework 3 of a Low Carbon Place, a Natural Place to Invest, a Successful and Sustainable Place and a Connected Place (
The consultation document sets out seven questions which Clydeplan would very much welcome your views. Your responses to these questions are important to us and will make a contribution towards the preparation of the next SDP.
Further information on the consultation can be downloaded here.