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Examination of Clydeplan Strategic Development Plan (January 2016) Complete

Update 20th March 2017

Today the Examination of the Clydeplan Proposed Strategic Development Plan (January 2016) has been completed and the independent Reporters, appointed by Scottish Ministers to consider the Plan, have published their Examination Report. The Proposed Strategic Development Plan was submitted for approval on 26th May 2016.

The Examination Report sets out the Reporters recommendations to Scottish Ministers regarding the Proposed Strategic Development Plan. A summary table is also provided of the Reporters recommendations by issue.

Report of the examination of Proposed Glasgow & Clyde Valley SDP PDF

Table of reporter's recommendations by issue PDF

Further information about  the Examination process can be found at

Report of Examination Drafting Error

The Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals have confirmed there is a drafting error in the Clydeplan Report of Examination which was published on Monday 20th March 2017 which relates to Issues 10 - 13.

With regard to Issue 10 (Recommendation 22 on page 91 of the Report of Examination) the text should read “Delete paragraph 6.71”

The Reporters have passed on their apologies for this unintentional drafting error. The Report of Examination will not be re-issued so account of the correction should be taken when reading the report.

Next steps

Scottish Ministers will now consider the Examination Report and either approve, modify or reject the Proposed Strategic Development Plan. It is anticipated that this process will take approximately 2 months.